FIFA’s incredible idea: robots can replace referees

According to The Mirror, a new technical revolution can seriously change football (soccer). Recently the system of video assistant referee (VAR) was introduced and integrated into the good old fashioned football game. And now British press claims, FIFA plans to become even more innovative and gradually replace judges with robots. Supposedly it will affect only assistant referees so far. According to the newspaper, they have already created a special department in the International Federation of Association Football. The department will develop and test this innovation.

Let’s be honest, lots of football matches of all rankings suffer from obvious referee errors. Some serious missed incidents affected final results even of premier league matches. Even if you can predict the match score with 100% accuracy and bet at, you can’t be sure that all the referees’ errors are corrected instantly and don’t affect the entire game.

Anyhow, lots of frustrated football (soccer) fans support the exclusion of the human factor from the game. But the FIFA idea raises many questions, and at the time the organization hasn’t commented on them.

It is completely unclear how this AI system can function properly. Was it already developed and tested? How can the robot cope with all the assistant referees’ tasks? According to the former FIFA arbiter Sergei Khusainov: “The machine does not feel the spirit of the game”.

Anyway, if the federation decided to implement robots, the process is unlikely to be quick.